Original Poetry

“Benediction for a Naturalist”

by Anne-Sophie Olsen

Bless the hawk
whose hard eye glares
over the jut
at the rabbit below

Bless his shadow
diving and gliding
over sand and stone

Bless the arc
of his wings, flexed,
the talons’ quick crush
like a rupture of sky

And bless the raptured
animal scream
dragged upward
as though it could fly

Anne-Sophie Olsen hails from St. Paul, MN and is currently pursuing her MFA in Roanoke, VA, where she lives in a barn with a cat named Pip. Her work has also appeared in Birdcoat Quarterly.

Veritas Journal is now accepting original poetry and short fiction for occasional publication. Click here for more information.

Header Image: “A Falconer’s Red-Tailed Hawk Comes In For A Landing,” Peter K Burian, used in accordance with CC BY-SA 4.0 (cropped)

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