Veritas Journal launched in January of 2019 as a work of Trinity Schools, a national network of classically-oriented private schools dedicated to providing an education that awakens students to the true, the good, and the beautiful; to the reality of the human condition; and the world in which they live. For more information on Trinity Schools, click here.

Veritas Journal was founded to extend our community of learners and provide an even wider forum for the discussion of education in this highest sense (whether formal or informal). We hope readers will regularly experience in themselves a greater awakening to the true, the good and the beautiful.

Read along and join us in the adventure!

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Editorial Board

  • Jon Balsbaugh (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Abbey von Gohren (Managing Editor)
  • Matt Axvig
  • Bridget Donohue
  • Brian Peterson
  • Patrick Tomassi
  • Kasia Balsbaugh
  • Drew Santa