Write for Veritas Journal

Veritas Journal is dedicated to providing a forum for the discussion of education in the highest sense (whether formal or informal) and a regular opportunity for readers to experience in themselves a greater awakening to the true, the good, and the beautiful.

To the first end, we are interested in articles on educational topics such as the cultivation of moral imagination, the role of wonder, the place of the sciences in a liberal education, or other similar subjects. But we are also interested in publishing articles on great films, art, literature, works of philosophy and theology, new or interesting pieces of mathematics, book recommendations, or rarely explored corners of history.

If you are interested in writing for Veritas Journal, please read a sample of articles first to get an idea for the range of work published. Articles should generally be 800-2000 words depending upon the topic. Longer or shorter essays may also receive consideration, however.

Veritas Journal also accepts poetry and short works of fiction for occasional publication. In keeping with the tenor of the journal, we are looking for poetry and short fiction that explores the intersection of ordinary life with tragedy, mystery, and those elements of human existence which resist explanation. Please submit no more than five poems at one time.

Veritas Journal accepts simultaneous submissions but requests that authors immediately withdraw the submission if it is accepted by another media outlet. You will also be asked for some brief biographical information and to provide a photograph.

If you have either a pitch or questions about publication, payment, or other information please contact our managing editor, Abbey von Gohren, at [email protected]