Original Poetry

“Being Abroad”

by David Folks

Fresh friends taste sea-brine breeze
Whipped off limestone cliffs from crystal seas,
Which wrought with caught sun’s seed
Spot-lighted spire-spying entire bay’s bursting.

These then mounted mountain’s spine:
Rock-dashed, ran-rash, and wind-whipped lied
Lashed and brandished brambles’ scarlet sash
At mark of dark cloud’s thund’rous crash

There, where wild Peace plucks up precious stories, and
ropes and weaves the roary laughter
Bright with new-built bonds stróng thereafter.

Whereas heaven speaks, spooling, pooling wisdom for our drink,
Man tries, flies from facing brink of following him.
Luck! Christ comes, breathes, heaves up help and draws man in.

David Folks is a musician, a poet, and an educator. Graduating from Baylor with a dual degree in Music Education and Greek in the Baylor Honors Program, he will be teaching Latin, instrumental music, Bible, and humanities for the coming year at Valor Preparatory Academy in Waco, TX.  He is deeply influenced by the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins and aims to glorify Christ with every work.

header image: “Yarmouth Pier” (cropped), by John Constable (1822), public domain

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