Original Poetry

“Cottonwood Grove Sonnet”

By David Folks

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Plant’s Perseverance, their steadfast stems
Withstand Light’s liberal lashing, as
Desert dryness dares them den
Deeper down to wells for washing.

The grieving ground hides Ocean’s friend, where
River-spring’s surplus-seep seeds tend;
This mystery-miracle magically makes
Strength to sustain these soldiers of jade.

Christ’s creatures are kept completely,
Sure as orange-streáked rosy-ribbons reap the sky
When Sunset’s steadfast coupled-colors fly.

So… when souls sink, struggle safety-seeking,
Living-Water wells to welcome wearied:
These thirst now never for Source’s life-drinking.

David Folks is a musician, a poet, and an educator. Graduating from Baylor with a dual degree in Music Education and Greek in the Baylor Honors Program, he will be teaching Latin, instrumental music, Bible, and humanities for the coming year at Valor Preparatory Academy in Waco, TX.  He is deeply influenced by the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins and aims to glorify Christ with every work.

header image: “Cottonwood Grove Fall” (2021) (cropped) by Renee Grayson CC by 2.0 Deed

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One Comment

  • Jon Balsbaugh

    There’s something Holy Saturday about this poem and, I think, about trees like cottonwoods. It needs deep roots to withstand the death of God.

    Thank you for the poem, David.

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