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A Paper Thin Distance (Conversation)

Our society can only become one of two things. It can become that which we sit back and let it become. Or it can become that which we stand up and make it. So before you go to bed tonight, I want you all to ask yourselves this question, and answer it. “What do I do when I see this? Do I sit back and see what my society becomes? Or do I stand up and make my society become what I want to see?”

Daryl Davis

I urge you to find somebody who you think is undeserving of your compassion and give it to them. Because I guarantee you, they may not deserve it, and they may not ask for it, but they are the ones who can possibly benefit the most from it.

Christian Picciolini

On February 16th of this year, Daryl Davis, an African American blues musician who engages with members of the Ku Klux Klan, sat down with Christian Picciolini, the former leader of a white-supremacist skinhead group, for a conversation at the New York Encounter. Their gripping discussion offers profound insight and ultimately hope for this moment in our nation.

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