• “Thoughts that Wound from Behind:” Literary Allusions as Pedagogical Opportunities

    Dante places the ancient hero Ulysses into the eighth circle of hell. A fraudulent counselor of war, deception, and exploration beyond the bounds of God’s law, Ulysses suffers eternal encasement in flame. But Tennyson’s poem, great in its own right, calls Dante’s judgment into question. The tension between these two poems – one epic, one lyrical – gets at the very question of the meaning of life.

  • The Education of the Heart

    If we can bear witness to our students that we love the world, that we love the reality beneath our subjects, that we love them and that ultimately the love of God surrounds all of that, education can be a powerful 'something to start from.'

  • Wherefore Homework?

    Clearly, the recent focus of educators has been on the question: whither homework? And the answer is: seemingly to the wayside. But no one appears to be asking the deeper question: “Wherefore homework? Why would we assign it?”

  • 2019 New York Encounter

    Are you hungry for an extended engagement with reality, for something that will awaken you more fully to the human condition? Consider joining us at the New York Encounter, February 15th through the 17th.