• The Whole Wide World is Watchin’

    Dare we not live out our true vocations as Christians just like Jesus did? Dare we not point to God’s victory over death by crying “Glory?” Were we not born for this very moment in the year 2020 A.D.? Were we not born for COVID-19?

  • Drawing or Color, Part IV: The Philosophers Weigh In

    Over the past several months, Veritas Journal has featured several quick takes on the long-running debate between line and color in the history of western art. Imagine for a moment if we could transpose this debate into another key ... What might modern philosophers have to say on the question?

  • On Thompson Pond

    Whenever I went for a walk around the pond I would stop at the bridge for a while and look at this tree ... Each time that I returned it would show me something new. Each time I would bring my memory of the place with me, and each time I would leave with my vision slightly refined.

  • The Ancient Japanese Art of Shibori

    Even if you don’t know it by name, you have probably seen shibori-inspired creations before. The blue and white 'watercolor-esque' patterns have started to appear on everything from throw pillows to summer dresses. Shibori is trendy now, but it is an ancient art.

  • On the Importance of Forgetting

    Most attention in our culture is given to the importance of remembering. But it turns out that forgetting can be just as important. The inability to forget can be as destructive as the inability to remember.