• Stepping Through the Blue: “The Truman Show” and Ancient Cosmology

    Each day, there are countless demands on our time and our energy. We work to provide for ourselves and our families in the short time we have on this globe. But despite all that, we do well to remember the poet Hopkins’ call: “Look at the stars! look, look up at the skies!” The entire cosmos, from the electrons that orbit their nuclei to the planets that orbit other stars in other galaxies, cries out for our attention and promises to reward the one who stops to see.

  • Happy Public Domain Day 2023!

    This year’s list items entering the public domain in the United States includes several works from 1927, including: Steppenwolf, Hardy Boys, Metropolis, and a smattering of works on evolution and faith.

  • Bach’s Favorite Number

    Bach’s 14 canons contain too much mathematical coding to suppose their self-harmonization is a coincidence. If the musician understands how to fit all the pieces of the mathematical puzzle within the canon together, then they can unlock its beauty. 

  • On Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Three Book Recommendations)

    You may have heard the recent news of a major advance in practical machine learning and artificial intelligence. Released on November 30th by the San Francisco artificial intelligence company OpenAI, ChatGPT is being hailed as "quite simply, the best artificial intelligence chatbot ever released to the general public." Here are some of our recommendations for reading up on the coming brave new world.

  • The God Who Mugs You

    God scoffs at religious superiority; he wants his people to love him and their neighbors. When a Muslim or a Buddhist or an atheist suspicious of or even antagonistic to the Church lives out a better example of Christ’s life than a Christian does, the Christian is freed to recognize the face of Jesus Christ along with Jacob and admit in wonder that “I have seen your face like seeing the face of God."