• [Dis]placed Poet: Thomas Merton’s Pilgrimage

    The humble act of limitation in the Incarnation means that not only can God speak to us through various times and places, but rather that time and place are now qualities native to the eternal and omnipresent God. To be a person means to be a person in a place.

  • Notre-Dame, the New West, and Wanting to See from the Inside

    Perhaps Paris (and with it much of the West) does now seem to be a kind of twilight world – a museum to a way of life that has all but vanished, inhabited by a people who cannot seem to entirely forget. But perhaps it is in that very refusal to forget, in the inability to turn away from beauty, in the instinct of the Parisians (believers or not) who gathered on the streets to sing Ave Maria, that we should look for hope.

  • The Education of the Heart

    If we can bear witness to our students that we love the world, that we love the reality beneath our subjects, that we love them and that ultimately the love of God surrounds all of that, education can be a powerful 'something to start from.'

  • Time, the Grand School of Love

    “So. Mama. Where is it that you get all the stuff you had to do today?” Time moves forward and divides and disperses with a speed that only seems to grow faster the older we get ... but does it have to?

  • 2019 New York Encounter

    Are you hungry for an extended engagement with reality, for something that will awaken you more fully to the human condition? Consider joining us at the New York Encounter, February 15th through the 17th.