• Six Unwanted Books

    For bibliophiles, their books are mirrors of their character, and we judge ourselves by  the relationship we maintain with our books. An unlikely group of six books made me confront this part of myself. 

  • Memento Mori in Minneapolis

    But rather than forgetting pain or fooling ourselves into silliness, perhaps there is a holy admixture of laughter and mourning, a way to remember our own end through these earthly and earthy rituals.

  • Featured Artist: Christen Mattix

    My work is about an intimate connection to place, community and the Divine. I create vibrant paintings and fiber artworks probing the boundaries between realism and abstraction, the self and the environment. Each work reveals inner and outer landscapes simultaneously as if presenting reality strained through poetry. Using a variety of layers and materials, I give form to the multidimensional worlds we inhabit. As a social practice artist, I seek to challenge culturally-ingrained patterns of inhabiting public space. My creative work begins on a street corner, along a river or on a park bench. I set up my easel or begin knitting a half-mile rope. People stop to talk and…

  • Who Are the Rus?

    Editorial Quick Take Three days before he launched the Russian invasion on Ukraine on February 24, Vladimir Putin delivered a speech that might have sounded to some like a bit of a rambling history lesson, reaching before the Bolsheviks all the way to the present time, with the aim of justifying the war waged on Ukraine here and now in 2022. In it he said, among other things: “​​Since time immemorial, the people living in the southwest of what has historically been Russian land have called themselves Russians and Orthodox Christians. This was the case before the 17th century, when a portion of this territory rejoined the Russian state, and after.” …