• Memory and Imagination: Ebenezer Scrooge’s Human Awakening

    By encountering Ebenezer Scrooge as a human being, we also encounter ourselves. We are not simply creatures with the capacity for choosing good and evil, but intricate weavings of fate and freedom, intellect and sense, memory and blindness. By awakening to Scrooge’s humanity, we awaken to our own.

  • Featured Artist: Joshua Cunningham

    We are here, just for a time. Barns are here, just for a time. Cities are here, just for a time. The practice of painting on location deepens this understanding. It isn’t long before I find myself defending my work against mercurial skies and the constant march of the sun. Shadows move and colors change, leaving me to paint from memory.

  • Time, the Grand School of Love

    “So. Mama. Where is it that you get all the stuff you had to do today?” Time moves forward and divides and disperses with a speed that only seems to grow faster the older we get ... but does it have to?

  • 2019 New York Encounter

    Are you hungry for an extended engagement with reality, for something that will awaken you more fully to the human condition? Consider joining us at the New York Encounter, February 15th through the 17th.